A First Pass at PotterKata

Tonight at Hudson Software Craftsmanship, I paired with another group member and worked on the PotterKata for the first time.  I’d seen NotMyself write about it a few days ago, which prompted me to suggest it for the group to work on (summary of the meeting here). Briefly, this kata is a fairly real-world exercise […]

Which Visual Studio 2010 is Team Suite?

The new VS 2010 has a new lineup of versions which you can find described on the Visual Studio 2010 Products page.  Some things to note: Ultimate is the new Suite The “Data Dude” SKU is now fully incorporated in the Premium and Ultimate versions Premium and Ultimate come with a production license for Expression […]

How to Install Windows 7 from USB Drive

I decided to reinstall Win7 on one of my laptops because it was acting up – turns out that’s not helping and I think at this point it’s a hardware problem (either memory or hard drive – I’m going to try memory next).  In the course of troubleshooting the problem, I decided to rule out […]

Avoid Entrenched Dependencies

Last year I wrote about Avoiding Dependencies and described some Insidious Dependencies (with help from many commenters) that many developers might not immediately recognize as dependencies.  It occurred to me today that I should point out that dependencies themselves are not intrinsically bad design – all software has dependencies.  The important distinction here that I […]

Don’t Repeat Yourself

(this is a submission I made to the upcoming 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know book) Of all the principles of programming, Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) is perhaps one of the most fundamental. The principle was formulated by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas in The Pragmatic Programmer, and underlies many other well-known software development best […]

N Tier Design Lessons Learned Part 1

Eight years ago this month I gave my first presentation at a conference.  It was DevConnections’ Fall 2001 show, and it was held in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Princess Resort.  The show was delayed a couple of weeks from its originally scheduled dates, and took place Sep 30 to Oct 3rd, as a result of […]

Why not Classic (Legacy) ASP?

Yesterday I got the following email, which I thought raised some good points that I thought were worth addressing here in my blog in addition to the reply I sent directly. Hi Steve, I’ve been following your blog (as well as Rob C. and Scott H.) as I look into dipping my toes into MVC. […]