Gmail Problems

Hmm, GMail has been increasingly inconsistent both for POP3 and browser usage for me lately.  Is anybody else seeing the same thing or is it just me (twitter seems to indicate it’s not just me).  I guess I shouldn’t expect much from a 0.5.32 release (of Gears), though…

SQL Divide By Zero Error Solved

Recently a report that had been running fine for months began failing with a Divide By Zero exception.  This report is a summary of a lot of data and is contained in a stored procedure which uses quite a few table variables to do its job.  Here’s part of it:


GiveCamps Get a new Sponsor

If you haven’t heard of Give Camps before, they’re a way for developers to give back to local charities and non-profits by providing their services over the course of a weekend.  GiveCamp was an idea hatched by Chris Koenig, a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, a few years ago and now there are many GiveCamps organized […]

Lake Maintenance and Fish Stocking

I’m fortunate enough to live on the shore of a small lake, Lake Quincy, which I’m responsible for maintaining.  One of the things I love about Ohio, and our location in particular, is that it’s so easy to shift from urban to suburban to rural living.  For instance, where we live is in a township, […]

The Ultimate Developer Desk

Recently we moved from one end of our office building in Hudson, Ohio to the other, and while we wait for some space to open up and get renovated, a few of us are working out of a conference room with a 10’ or so long heavy duty table in the middle of it.  So […]

Imitation is the sincerest form of

My SOLID Principles of OOP and ASP.NET MVC talk from this year’s TechEd is seeing some new life this week in Vancouver, Canada.  Daniel Flippance is giving a presentation based on my session’s powerpoint and code.  Good luck, Daniel, and thanks for letting me know.  Let me know how it goes and if you have […]

Use LINQ Aggregate to Multiply a Series of Digits

The LINQ Aggregate() extension method uses a Func<int, int, int> to operate on items in a series.  If you want to use it, for example, to return the product of each value with its successor, you can do something like this:

Of course, you don’t need the intermediate value.  You can simply use […]

Euler 7 Trivial with LINQ and Generators

Euler problem 7 requires returning the 10001st prime number.  It notes that the 6th prime number is 13 in the problem description.  Having already done some work with iterators and various number generators, including a Primes generator for previous Euler problems, the base case given in the problem can be reduced to this NUnit test: […]

Windows Auto Sign On In Locked Mode

Earlier this week, after enduring yet another windows update, I came up with a feature request for Windows that would make me a much happier user.  We’ve all heard about requests for speeding up boot times and there has been some progress on this (and of course there are hardware solutions like SSDs that can […]

SQL Azure Database Deployment Tool

If you’re playing with SQL Azure, the current (pre-release) process of moving an existing local SQL Server to SQL Azure can be greatly improved using a new SQL Azure Migration Wizard tool that’s being hosted at CodePlex.  Wade Wegner blogged about the tool yesterday, and his post includes a screencast showing how to use the […]