TechEd 2010 Back In New Orleans

As previously announced, it’s official!  TechEd 2010 will (finally) be back in New Orleans!  The dates are June 7-11, 2010.  It’s been several years since I’ve been to New Orleans, but I always have a great time there and I’m very much looking forward to returning.  The food, music, and atmosphere are wonderful.  I hope […]

Moving a Business

This week we’re moving our businesses from an office in Kent to one in Hudson, Ohio.  I thought I’d write a little bit about some of the things we’re having to deal with as part of this process, and some lessons learned.  In our case, this is going to be a multi-step move, in that […]

Cloud Computing with

Lake Quincy Media uses as our CRM to manage our leads and customers and keep our salespeople organized.  Overall we’ve been very pleased with the solution, and we know plenty of others who swear by SF.  So when I heard about their foray into Cloud Computing via (DFC), I figured I should check […]

Space Coast ASP.NET MVC and SOLID Principles Talk

Last week I visited the Space Coast .NET user group in Florida (courtesy of INETA) to talk about ASP.NET MVC and SOLID software development principles.  If you’re interested, you can grab the slides and demos from the link below: Download slides and demos Big thanks to Robert “UncleBob” Martin, Mark Nijhof, and Derick Bailey for […]

Speaking Wednesday at Space Coast .NET User Group

This Wednesday I’ll be in Florida presenting on ASP.NET MVC and Robert Martin’s SOLID principles of software development.  The Space Coast Dot Net User Group is hosting me, and INETA is sponsoring the talk.  If you’re in the area, please stop by to join in the event.  More details: When: 630pm, 15 April 2009 Where: […]

GeekFest 2009 at TechEd

Developer Tools Marketing at Microsoft is hosting a party at TechEd in Los Angeles once again this year.  Here are the details: Let’s face it, going to a technical conference is good for your career but it’s not a whole lot of fun. You need an outlet. You need to have fun. Cheap beer and […]

Use HttpApplication.CompleteRequest Instead of Response.End

HttpApplication.CompleteRequest is preferable to use for aborting a request in an ASP.NET application over Response.End, because it has better performance characteristics.  If you’re using Response.End, you’ve probably at one time or another encountered the ThreadAbortException that goes along with it. The behavior of CompleteRequest changed with 2.0, as Rick describes here.  However, the reason why […]

Where Are The Developer Machines?

I’m really tired of the fact that computer manufacturers in general have yet to recognize developers as a separate demographic.  If you do a search for “developer workstation” in Google, there are no links to any computer manufacturer on the first page (sponsored or otherwise). Search for “gaming computer” and suddenly there are all kinds […]

Stir Trek Event in Columbus Ohio

I’ll be attending and speaking at Stir Trek on 8 May 2009, which happens to be the date the new Star Trek movie opens (coincidentally). What is Stir Trek, you ask? Well, let me tell you (by means of cutting and pasting from the above-linked site, to save you from exercising your mouse-clicking finger): Stir […]