Brief Response to Corey on Software Craftsmanship

Corey’s blog’s comment box is failing, so posting my response here.  Read his response to my post for context.  Below is simply cut-and-pasted from a comment I was trying to leave on his blog: Hey Corey, thanks for the well thought out comments.  Let me consider my response and most likely post it on my […]

Entrepreneurs and the Economy

ScottW pointed me to Entrepreneurs Can Lead Us Out of the Crisis, which has some very interesting ideas.  As an entrepreneur and small business(es) owner myself, I have to say that I agree with the ideas presented in the article pretty strongly.  I’m not an expert on the stimulus plan that was recently passed but […]

Craftsmanship, Quality, Dogma, and Pragmatism

Craftsmanship In the last year or so, there has been an increasing amount of discussion on software craftsmanship, and what it means and whether or not it’s a good thing. There’s an online email list, a conference with the same name, and at least one user group devoted to the subject (in related news, I’m […]

Lost in Texas

Last year Brendan and I had the privilege of attending Jeffrey Palermo’s agile bootcamp, put on by HeadSpring Systems in Austin, Texas. It’s a great class and Jeffrey is an excellent instructor. After the class, Jeffrey invited us to dinner, and being the high tech folk that we are, he texted us the details of […]

ASP.NET MVC Request Validation

When using ASP.NET MVC to post data that might contain HTML or other potentially “dangerous” data, the default behavior as of the Release Candidate is to throw an exception, preventing the posting of the data.  This is a well-known feature of ASP.NET that was introduced several versions ago, and the typical way to avoid it […]

Azure Table Storage Gotcha

Steve Marx gave a great talk on getting started with Azure at PDC.  You can watch the whole thing here and download his samples.  Once you download the Azure SDK (I’m using the January CTP) and ASP.NET MVC (I’m using the RC), you can get his stuff up and running without *too* much trouble.  However, […]

IDisposable and WCF

Recently we’ve been separating our monolithic application into smaller systems which communicate via services.  We’re using WCF for this communication, and one of the things that we’ve quickly noticed is that WCF is, for whatever reason, not compatible with the usual best practice of wrapping IDisposable objects with a using() {…} block.  Personally, I don’t […]

Interview on Performance

Last month at CodeMash I met with David Giard who decided to do an impromptu interview on the topic of web site performance.  He just let me know that video is online.  I’m actually quite impressed with the quality of the sound, considering that I didn’t have a clip-on microphone or anything like that.  The […]