Sending Mail via GMail with AspNetEmail and .NET

Periodically, I need to send out announcements to a list of emails pulled from a database.  This is a pretty common problem, and a long time ago I found RapidMailer from Dave Wanta aka AdvancedIntellect which does a pretty good job and has all the source.  However, I’d been using it with my web host […]

Goals for 2009

Wow, I’m really getting a late start on this post. I’d meant to come up with some goals for the year back at the start of the month, and here it is nearly February and I’m just now getting to it. So before the kids start screaming or some other emergency distracts me, here’s some […]

Ultimate Developer Rig 2009

I’m writing this on my Ultimate Developer Rig of Jeff Atwood fame from late 2007, which a number of folks online built over the last year or so. Dustin Campbell was nice enough to provide a NewEgg wish list that included all of the requisite components, and Lake Quincy Media actually bought and built two […]

DevReach DVDs

Earlier this week, I received a package of DVDs from the DevReach conference I was invited to speak at last October. I’ve already written about my experience with the conference, but the arrival of the DVDs was a welcome surprise. Sure, you usually get such things at TechEd or PDC, but a small regional conference […]

CodeMash 2009 Aftermash

CodeMash 2009, the third annual Ohio conference (and as far as I know, the largest Ohio developers’ conference), was by all accounts a great success last week.  I was privileged to be a speaker at the show but also got a lot of value out of the networking opportunities and other sessions.  Mary Poppendieck was […]

Latitude D830 Vista BlueScreen

I’m rebuilding one or our laptops and it’s had a few bluescreens immediately upon Vista launching for the first time (it had Vista on it before I decided to pave it). Going into safe mode, I was able to identify that the last thing it tries to do is load crcdisk.sys. Searching online, I was […]

Online Media and the Death of DRM

In one of my recent posts I mentioned that I have a Zune and quite enjoy it as an MP3 player.  Prior to it, I swore by my iRiver player, which was *tiny* and ran on just a single AA battery for about 12 hours per battery.  One thing I really liked about the iRiver […]

Cool Games

Like many others, I enjoy playing games in my short supply of free time.  I used to be a bigtime PC gamer who scoffed at console gamers, but in the last few years the consoles have really caught up to the PCs in a lot of ways, and now I’m just about 100% an XBox360 […]

2008 Goals Recap

Last year I decided to blog some personal goals that I had for the year.  It’s widely known that the act of writing something down greatly increases the chances that one will actually take the action necessary to achieve the goal, and I figured blogging it might further increase my odds since there’s the whole […]