Slow Script Loading by FireFox with Cassini

Bertrand just posted about a bug I’d encountered before but never tracked down wherein FireFox (and in particular, FireBug) is extremely slow in loading scripts for a local web site running on Cassini (Dev Web Server).  It turns out that the issue has to do with an FF bug trying resolve “localhost” using IPv6.  Dan […]

IFileSystem Dependency Inversion Part 5

The saga began here. Where I left off, I’d managed to create a new class for handling the storage of my creative files, called CreativeFileStore. This method took in an IFileSystem as a parameter to its constructor, which provides two benefits: Testability Flexibility – I can swap between WindowsFileSystem and AmazonS3FileSystem easily In the interest […]

IFileSystem Dependency Inversion Part 4

Still working on cleaning up some legacy ASP.NET code. Here’s where we are: Part 1: Define problem and demonstrate IFileSystem basic version Part 2: Spike solution to support saving files in IFileSystem that works in both Amazon S3 and the Windows file system Part 3: Initial refactoring via TDD of big ugly method Now it’s […]

IFileSystem Dependency Inversion Part 3

In part one I described the problem. In part two I worked out the details of how to save files in a platform-ignorant way by creating a spike solution. Now I’m looking back at my original ugly method from part one and extracting it into its own class that accepts an IFileSystem instance via constructor […]

IFileSystem Dependency Inversion Part 2

In my last post in this IFileSystem series, I described the problem I’m working on of removing a dependency on the System.IO Windows file system in my ASP.NET application. A bit of research on this subject revealed some help on making file uploads testable by ScottHa, but his technique still makes use of the SaveAs() […]

Installing Graffiti Extras

I’ve been wanting to add Next/Previous links to my blog’s posts to provide easier navigation for folks who come to the blog and find themselves somewhere in the middle of it.  My goal is for the top and/or bottom of each post to have something like this: << Blog Post Title | Blog Post Title […]

IFileSystem Dependency Inversion Part 1

In the course of making my software more testable, I’ve attempted to eliminate a dependency on the file system (in this case, via System.IO) by creating an interface, IFileSystem. I just did a quick search for this term and came back with only one C# interface (in the first few results) that matches this, which […]

Energy Usage

Rick has an interesting post about his experiences measuring electricity use of various components in his home.  I’ve been curious about this myself for some time, but haven’t had the tools or time to track it.  I think I’ll pick up one of these usage monitors (like Rick did) and of course (eventually) report my […]

SEO Tip Move Hidden ASPNET Fields To Bottom of Page

Here’s a quick SEO tip from Teemu (via email) that I’ve been meaning to mention – there’s a new feature in .NET 3.5 SP1 that lets you control where hidden form fields are rendered by ASP.NET.  To set it, go into web.config and add the following:

The default for this is true (which is […]

Func Mousepads

I bought an Alienware laptop a few years ago as sort of a gift to myself after coming back home from Iraq.  As it turned out, that computer didn’t actually last very long because of Alienware’s crappy support policy, but it did come with a Func Industries mousepad that I still use to this day.  […]