Azure Deployment Portal – Use IE

Ran into a small bug in the Azure deployment portal today using Firefox. The “swap” button to swap out a staging with a production environment was non-responsive. Switched to IE and it popped up an “are you sure” alert box as expected. I’m sure this will be addressed quickly but if you’re trying out Azure […]

PDC 2008 Keynote Demo: Boku

At Wednesday’s keynote by Microsoft Research VP Rick Rashid, one of the demos showed of Boku, a project designed to bring programming and logic to children in game form. The coolest part about it is that everything is graphical and the UI is a game controller – no keyboard. The gist of the “language” is […]

New Look for Blog

Craig, Lake Quincy Media’s Creative Director, updated my blog from the generic theme I’d been using today. Let me know how you like it (if you’re reading this in an RSS reader, click here). I like it but I’m a bit biased. I’m also curious, as a reader, do you prefer seeing full posts on […]

PDC 2008 Rollup After 2 Days

It’s the morning of Day 3 of PDC 2008 and as I’m waiting for the next keynote to begin, I thought I’d summarize what I’ve seen announced thus far this week. On Monday, Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie announced Windows Azure, Microsoft’s new cloud services platform that provides scalable, available application hosting and supporting […]

Windows Cloud Platform – Azure Thing?

So they announced the name for the Windows cloud platform, formerly code named Red Dog (and briefly Strata) – introducing Windows Azure. I like the name, personally, although even during the keynote at PDC there were issues with pronunciation (AZ-ure or uh-ZHOOR), the fomer being the accepted one, apparently. What does this mean to you? […]

Graffiti History Widget

Graffiti CMS doesn’t ship with an archive/history widget to display the number of posts published by month, as is common in many other blog engines. I’ve been looking for such a widget for several months and Keyvan pointed me to one a few days ago that I got up and running in just a few […]

Range Errors Not Just In Software

A common area to test in software are ranges of values and off-by-one errors. But this problem certainly isn’t limited to programmer code. I just wrapped up a survey by TNS for customer satisfaction that ended with this question. Note that I have 10 employees in my company (trying to pick the invisible radio button […]