Favorite Developer Books

Updated 29 Dec 2009 I’ve written a few posts recently about various books, and recently while interviewing a candidate for Nimble Software Professionals it occurred to me that for an experienced developer (e.g. not a new grad out of college), asking what their favorite (or most recently read) programming book is could tell a lot […]

Strategy Pattern With Ninject

This is a follow-up to my post about avoiding dependencies with design patterns. It left off with something like this as a Cart object that uses the Strategy pattern to avoid a direct dependency on SMTP emails.

Note that I’ve commented out the default constructor – I’ll explain why in a moment. The next […]

Monty Hall Envelope Puzzle

So, recently I wrote about my introduction to the Monty Hall problem and its solution. However, in the course of thinking about this problem, I came up with a related one that is pretty tricky as well, and builds on the insight gained from the Monty Hall problem. That is, given three random chances to […]

Probability Puzzle Answered

In a recent post, I described a Probability Puzzle that is actually known as the Monty Hall Problem. This is a fairly famous problem and has a long write-up on Wikipedia that is definitely worth reading to get a good understanding of the problem. Almost everyone fails to answer this problem correctly the first attempt, […]

Probability Puzzle

I was recently introduced to the following puzzle by another developer (from Vertigo, in fact). This is actually a fairly well-known problem and you’ll find write-ups about it on Wikipedia and elsewhere, but I’ll omit links to those sources from this post to prevent some temptation to just click and see the answer (I’ll post […]

Review – Murach ASP.NET 3.5 Programming with VB

I have a copy of Murach’s ASP.NET 3.5 Web Programming with VB 2008 (book web site) that I received over the summer and have been meaning to write a short review. So here goes. First of all, I love the “Murach format” for books, especially for “how-to” books which as it happens tend to be […]

Slack and Constraints and Optimizing Throughput

This is my second post that’s related to my recent reading of Poppendiecks’ Lean Software Development – read the first one here on Delaying Decisions. A related book (and one thing I loved about Lean Software Development were the many references to other great books, some I’d read, some not) that I’ve read and recommend […]

Recursive FindControl

I’ve been asking for a recursive FindControl() method as a method off of System.Web.UI.Control for years but so far no luck. You find yourself needing these frequently when you work with composite controls, like most of the Login family of controls introduced with ASP.NET 2.0. In particular, LoginView, CreateUserWizard, and Login frequently require a technique […]

Graffiti CMS Extension for DotNetKicks

I’ve been manually adding DotNetKicks icons to my posts recently to try and generate more buzz for them, but that gets old quickly, so about an hour ago I decided to figure out how to make this automatic. My current blog engine is Graffiti, which I really like, and after doing some searching for a […]

Avoiding Dependencies

I gave a one day class to about 20 developers today introducing Microsoft .NET, C#, and ASP.NET. As it was only one day and there were no hands-on labs, coverage was necessarily cursory, but overall things went very well. In the course of discussing the Base Class Library and specifically the areas of logging and […]