DevExpress Earthquake Video

DevExpress is one of several companies I work with via Lake Quincy Media, and it seems like a very fun place to work. Recently they launched a video site to help showcase their products, and earlier this week they made a video showing the reaction of some of their employees to the 5.4 scale earthquake […]

There are no single developer projects

Oren wrote today, There is no such thing as a single developer project. At first this sounds like an obviously false statement, but read on: There are always at least two people in any software project: The developer who wrote the code. The developer who read the code. They are never the same person, even […]

Batch JavaScript Libraries for Increased Performance

I’ve been meaning to set up batched loading of the JavaScript libraries used by Lake Quincy Media’s administration application for some time, and finally had a chance this past weekend. The site uses a variety of third-party tools such as DevExpress, ComponentArt, AJAX Control Toolkit, Overlib, PeterBlum, Dundas Charts, and probably a couple of others […]

Avoid appSettings Usage in Controls or Shared Libraries

Since .NET 1.0, there has been a built-in appSettings section in configuration files. Many developers use this space to store application settings, such as the name of the site or (before <connectionStrings />) database connection information. However, many third party tools also make use of this collection, which is a bad practice. Third party tools […]

VS Tip – Incremental Search in Visual Studio

If you’re looking to navigate through the current file in Visual Studio, the typical approach is ctrl-F, which is the shortcut for Find and brings up a dialog like the one at right to locate instance of a string. Bertrand just let me know about another shortcut, ctrl-I, which does Incremental Search. The nice thing […]

Travel Gadget – Power Splitter

Something I always keep in my laptop bag is a Liberator power splitter. All this does is split one power outlet into two, with a little bit of extension cord thrown in for added convenience. You can find a wide variety of such things here. Always Enough Power For You So, what’s the big deal […]

JungleDisk as Service on Windows Server 2003

I’m a big fan of JungleDisk, a $20 utility that makes using Amazon’s S3 storage solution easy and backups cheap. I’m also a big fan of Red Gate’s tools, and in particular SQL Backup, which makes backing up SQL Server databases much easier and compresses them down to almost nothing. I’ve been manually backing up […]

Getting Started with TDD

Recently DannyT wrote on the altdotnet list: On our next project I really want to nail unit testing and possibly even test driven development. My issue however is none of our team has any experience of either so we will be starting totally green. … My question however is, with a goal of wanting to […]

Word 2007 Search Commands

I recently complained on Twitter that the UI in Office 2007 (and specifically Word in this case) makes it incredibly difficult to find many of the things that I knew how to find in Word 2003/2000/XP/97/Every. Other. Version. This is understandably frustrating and I don’t really see the Ribbon UI as a quantum leap forward […]