Outlook Performance Tips

I’ve been living with Outlook 2007 since it shipped, and it’s been pretty painful, but my life is in it so I’m stuck with it. I’ve posted some Outlook tips in the past about how to deal with it not shutting down properly, and that has grown into a fairly sizable post with dozens of […]

LINQ and the new DevExpress Grid

Mehul has a couple of screencasts up on his blog that demonstrate how to use their new LINQ datasource to do optimized paging/updating of their ASPxGridView control. At just over 2 minutes, the screencast does a very good job of showing how easy it is to set up LINQ to SQL (not that that hasn’t […]

TechEd 2008 Birds Of A Feather

If you’ll be attending Tech Ed 2008 (Developers, USA), you may want to come to some Birds of a Feather sessions, which allow you to join a discussion with peers on a topic of interest. How are the topics chosen? Well, funny you should ask that – you get to help choose them by voting […]

Two Kinds of Knowledge

Rick posted earlier today about how he’s having a tougher and tougher time remembering the exact syntax and details of how to do relatively simple programming tasks, and instead finds that he’s going off to find past code he’s written (or blogged about) all the time. Is it the early onset of senility, or is […]

Tweak web.config To Set Compilation Debug False

ASP.NET applications should never run with <compilation debug=”true”> in production. It can have drastic performance implications (of the negative kind). Obviously, in a perfect world, developers would always remember to verify this setting whenever they upload changes to production, but unfortunately many organizations utilize fallible humans in their deployment process, and this is something that […]

Book – Cryptonomicon

One of the things I want to blog about periodically is what I’ve been reading, and a few of the things I’ve read lately have actually not been about software development (which is a good thing, if somewhat rare the last few years). One book I finished last year is the Neil Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon: Cryptonomicon […]

Gotta Love Orcsweb

Does your host do this? Today I got an IM from one of my support folks at ORCS Web, asking me about one of my dedicated servers on which I have installed SQL Express for a few small web apps. She had noticed that I’d forgotten to set up any kind of backups for these, […]

Visual Studio Shortcuts

I was doing a bunch of Silverlight last night on a new machine and once again set up my shortcut to basically arrow left in order to let me type in attributes without taking my fingers off of the keyboard and go hunting for arrow keys. I described this shortcut (and the reason for it) […]