Automotive Gadget Wish List

A few weeks ago I posted about Ford SYNC, which runs on Microsoft Windows Automotive. The technology is definitely a step in the right direction, but I have to agree with Sondre, another Regional Director, that it’s not enough and really should be nearly ubiquitous by now. Heck, I was amazed my last car didn’t […]

Creating a New SQL Database

Today I need to set up a new database for a new web site I'm working on. Last week, I saw Rick's post about the "mousercise" that defines the typical table set up in SQL Server 2000 and 2005's table designer. I have to admit that I completely relate to his feelings, and what made […]

Department of Redundancy Department

I really hate repetition, especially useless repetition, in language. I guess I’ve been a follower of the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) programming principle long before I knew about the acronym, but I tend to apply it in natural language as well, as much as I can. I’m a big fan of George Carlin, who shares […]

Finding Untitled Page Titles

Sadly, Microsoft decided that with the addition of the Title attribute on the @Page directive, it would make sense to include it by default with some text that one would absolutely never want to use as the title, "Untitled Page". They could have named it "Customer Reporting" or "My Britney Fan Page" and it would […]

ResXFileCodeGeneratorEx and Visual Studio 2008

A couple of months ago I found a great Extended Strongly Typed Resource Generator that would let me use Resource files in shared libraries (Brendan blogged about it and set it up). The default resource generator in Visual Studio generates code that is marked with the internal keyword, making it difficult to share the resources […]

Kids and Deployment

I thought I'd post this so it isn't lost, as memory erodes. When I left to go to Iraq in 2004 my daughter had just turned 2. She's 5 now (soon 6) and doesn't remember a lot about when I was gone, but when asked last year what she did remember, she said: "I remember […]

Web Deployment Projects for 2008

Web Deployment Projects (WDP) for Visual Studio 2008 were released to the web (RTW) a couple of days ago. These didn’t make the November ship date of VS2008, but were promised to follow shortly after release, and as promised, they’re here! I haven’t looked at the 2008 version yet – personally I use PyroBatchFTP + […]

New Puppy!

Today we brought home our new puppy, a mastiff boy with brindle coloration whom we have named Odin. So far he’s doing well, learning his way around the new home, playing with the kids, and getting to know our three cats who are completely terrified of him. Life will be fun at our house for […]

Ohio Day of .NET

Several user groups in southern and central Ohio are putting together a Day of .NET event this spring. The Central Ohio Day of .NET 2008 will take place on 19 April 2008, in Wilmington, Ohio. This was originally the Cincinnati-Dayton Code camp and ran in 2006-2007, but now includes a Columbus, OH group and so […]

Silverlight Hyperlink

Playing with Silverlight and needed a simple way to redirect the page. This isn't built-in yet but probably will be. For now, you can call out to the page's script, and for this since I don't want to rely on the page having any particular function defined, I'm just using Eval() and passing in what […]