Nerdvana – Coding on a Beach

Recently on the Regional Director mailing list, the topic of Theater Glasses like these came up, which led me to express my wish for a high-res version of such goggles that would be sufficient for writing code and otherwise being productive as a developer. The ultimate goal, of course, would be to enable working in […]

Holiday Skins for .NET Controls

As the end of year holiday season approaches, it's fairly common for some web sites and products to re-skin their logos and applications to make them a little more festive or seasonal. Google has long been known for their creative variations of their logo in response to various holidays throughout the year. This year, at […]

RegExLib Redesign Complete

We’ve done some design work on the Regular Expression Library, and cleaned up the code base significantly to get rid of some cruft and fix a few bugs. The site gets a surprisingly large amount of traffic, considering how esoteric a topic regular expressions are, and hopefully the new design will make it that much […]

Being Agile Means Understanding When to Change

While I was completing my drive into work this morning, I was thinking about a book I read recently, Cryptonomicon (highly recommended – very smart and interesting), in which there’s an exchange between a WWII German cryptanalyst and some of his Allied counterparts. The German had discovered a flaw in the Enigma system used by […]

MVC Getting Started

Scott Hanselman has posted a very well done screencast on getting started with Model View Controller for ASP.NET, which I watched and did all the code for last night. There was only one hangup in the code portion, which has to do with changes that were made post-production to the MvcToolkit. The code given in […]

It isn't working?

My wife hates me because of this, and my co-workers are learning to consider their question phrasing carefully if they want to be able to understand the answer, because I have this annoying tendency to answer questions as they are given. For example, yesterday our designer asked me a question in the negative, something to […]

Cool Apps from Microsoft

I attended the Cleveland .NET SIG last night, where Jeff Blankenburg (my new Developer Evangelist) gave a demo-rich presentation on some cool new(ish) applications Microsoft has been working on this year. Most of them I’d already seen, but it was a good presentation and parts of it were new to me (like the Seadragon Video), […]

Generic Web Controls and EnumDropDownList

I just published an article on ASPAlliance that shows a few different techniques for binding a DropDownList control in ASP.NET to an enumerated type (enum). As part of the article, I wrote a custom control that uses generics to bind a DropDownList<T> to an enum. Unfortunately, I ran into problems with declaratively defining this control […]