Silverlight 2.0 Is Coming

ScottGu today announced what many of us have been wondering and hoping would happen with regard to the next shipping version of Silverlight, which is that it will in fact be dubbed 2.0 rather than 1.1. My personal feeling on this is that it’s a very smart move, expecially given the long period of time […]

MIX and Tech·Ed 2008

I'm planning to attend MIX 2008, in its third year and being held at the Venetian in Las Vegas once more. The site has started a weekly podcast called The Signal that you can subscribe to and learn about behind-the-scenes preparations for MIX08. The show includes interviews with speakers, staff, attendees, and other notables and […]

Learn VS 2008 and .NET 3.5

Guy pointed out a great resource for learning the newly released Visual Studio 2008 for free: the Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Training Kit, from Microsoft. To quote the site: The Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Training Kit includes presentations, hands-on labs, and demos. This content is designed to help you […]

MIX08 Registration Open

Here’s some official information on the MIX 2008 conference hosted by Microsoft in Las Vegas next March: Registration for Microsoft’s MIX08 opened on Thursday, November 8th. Slated for March 5- 7 at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, MIX08 is the event for professionals in the consumer Web space – Web developers, designers, […]

Developer Acronyms for 2007

I’ve learned a few new acronyms this year and thought I’d start this post to let others share their favorites as well. Some of these are new to me, and some are classics that I thought were worth including even though they certainly predate 2007. Where possible I’ve included a link to find more information […]

ASP.NET Provider Source Code Install Path

Some months ago, ScottGu announced the availability of source code for the ASP.NET providers. This was great news and a great many comments followed. In preparation for a talk I’m giving this week at DevConnections, I went out to grab the source again to be able to show it off during my talk. But no […]