Case Sensitive or Insensitive SQL Query

Suppose you need to perform a SQL query and you need for it to be case sensitive or case insensitive, and either your database is set up the opposite way or you're smart and you're trying to write your query so that it will work regardless of how the database may or may not be […]

Installing SQL 2005 Management Studio

I’ve installed SQL Server on a few dev boxes in my time, and one thing I’ve noted on several occasion is that even if you check the box during the install to say you want to install all of the client tools, usually they don’t install. You think they installed, the setup dialog said it […]

Consolas Font in Vista

I've recently been experimenting with other fonts for Visual Studio on Vista after reading this article on new fonts in Vista. I think I like Consolas better than Courier New for coding, if only for its novelty. It also tends to be a little bit more compact than Courier New at the same font size, […]