Force Refresh of DataSourceControl

I had a situation where I was using a DataSourceControl (actually an LLBLGenProDataSource2,which inherits from DataSourceControl) bound to a grid, and I wanted the grid to refresh its contents whenever I added or deleted an item from it. I discovered a neat trick noted here, which is that if you touch the SelectParameters collection of […]

Reset Visual Studio Settings

If you're working with Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas) Beta builds, of which there are now two, you may have run into problems if you tried to install Beta 2 on the same machine on which you had installed Beta 1. While this is generally not advisable with any beta, I'm told it's working for a […]

FIX: LoginView Has No Child Controls

We ran into this issue today: A LoginView control that has always worked just fine was failing to have any contents on a PostBack. Stepping through it and checking things in the Immediate Window confirmed that it had a Controls.Count of 0. Looking at it in ASP.NET Trace also showed that, after a postback, it […]