Surface Computing

A new tool coming from Microsoft soon will allow users to work on a tabletop surface as a computer interface. Watch this video – it’s very cool. I can totally see having one as a coffee table in a living room or home theater room that controls all of the media (or even the whole […]

Optimize ASP.NET HTTP Connection Limit

Mads has a nice post on optimizing ASP.NET to utilize more than its default of 2 concurrent web connections. Here’s the relevant config info: <> <connectionManagement> <add address=”*” maxconnection=”8″/> </connectionManagement></> [categories:performance]

Lake Quincy Media Launches AdSignia

We just launched AdSignia, our new advertising management platform for online advertisers and publishers. Read the full AdSignia online advertising server press release for more details. We're still working out a few things and will have a better story for new accounts, particularly publishers, in a couple of weeks. For now this is most interesting […]

Welcome Home

Just wanted to say “Welcome Home” a bit late to all of the Vietnam Vets out there, after reading Bob Parsons’ post on the subject. My uncle served in Vietnam and has never been much interested in talking about it, though my own Iraq experience has led us to discuss things a bit recently. All […]

Oh *** Outlook Email Rule

I have a rule in Outlook that I call my “Oh shit” rule. It delays all messages from being sent for 1 minute, which is plenty of time for me to realize that I said the wrong thing, sent the wrong thing, forgot an attachment, or copied the wrong people, at which point I can […]

Why Russia

First of all I’d like to say Thank You! to everyone who has congratulated us and wished our family well. We really appreciate the support we have received from our family and friends, both locally and online. I’ve had a number of people ask me why we chose to adopt from Russia, and I’m sure […]

Microsoft Fans – Raise Your Hand

I have trouble, as a long time Microsoft developer community member and (dare I say) community leader, believing that someone could miss the fact that there are Microsoft communities and, by extension, community members and fans. I would definitely consider myself a fan of Microsoft’s products. I’m not lacking in criticism when there are things […]

Outlook Data File PST Not Closed Properly

A common problem with Outlook is the infamous data file issue that pops up when you launch Outlook and says it must check the data file for constency because it was not shut down properly. In Outlook 2003 this is annoying because Outlook is unusable until the check completes, which can take a long time […]

New Arrival

I could go the total geek route and write some pseudo-code to the effect of adding a new instance of a person to the smith family, but that’s been way overdone and I’m so overloaded now that it probably wouldn’t even compile anyway… I’m proud to announce that Michelle and I have a new son! […]