Mr. Smith Goes to Moscow

I’ll be in Moscow next Monday, presenting to a .NET user group there. The topic will be .NET Caching Best Practices. The meeting place and time are as follows: Moscow dot NET Alliance (MDNA) GroupMicrosoft Russia, Building 1, 17 Krylatskaya Str., Moscow, Russia19.00 May 7, 2007 Thanks to Gaidar Magdanurov, Microsoft DE for the area, […]

Old Team System News

This is all from last month, but I’ve been busy so it’s been in my queue. Sorry for the late “news”: Microsoft acquired TeamPlain, makers of TeamPlain Web Access for connecting to TFS via a browser. TeamPlain will be free to anybody with a TFS CAL. Full announcement. Patterns and practices announced the publication of […]

The Region for Microsoft Regional Directors

There is a new web site which aggregates content from Microsoft Regional Directors call The Region, which went live last week. Keep an eye on it to keep tabs on Regional Directors as a whole, and to see what they’re collectively doing and talking about. [categories:regional director]

Speaking at Connection in Vegas in November

I found out that I should be speaking at the DevConnections show this fall. The show is being held in Las Vegas again, November 5–8th. I apologize to anybody that had hoped to see me present last month in Orlando at the spring show – I was unfortunately out of the country due to circumstances […]

Outlook 2007 POP3 Slowness

Outlook 2007 has a number of issues with performance, one of which relates to downloads taking a very long time with POP3 email accounts. Microsoft has recently published a KB article that should fix some scenarios where this occurs, specifically on Windows Vista, which may be caused by network hardware device(s) that do not support […]

Display Current Bin Folder Content Information

As part of my automated build and test process, I wanted to be able to confirm that my third party components were the proper version and, more importantly, that they were fully licensed. For some components, I can create a new instance of the control or component and test its IsLicensed property. For others, the […]

Free Remote Desktop Manager Tool

If you remote into many machines, this should appeal to you. Terminals is a free, open source project on CodePlex that allows much better management of remote desktop connections than the default XP/Vista experience. Check it out today, it’s a quick download. Tags: Free+Tools, Cool+Tools

Expression Added To MSDN

Initially it seemed that the Expression suite of products would not be included in the MSDN subscription, which caused a fair bit of uproar among developers who will be charged with working with designers and, often times, mocking up their own designs of WPF apps. Well, Microsoft took this feedback and acted on it, announcing […]