Spam Countermeasures

Spam is an increasingly annoying and expensive part of our lives as computer users. In the last week, I’ve been forced to take measures to deal with spam on several of my web properties. On, an online library of regular expressions, it was brought to my attention that a large amount of comment spam […]

MVP Live Chat Tonight

Join Scott Guthrie, myself, and numerous other MVPs for a live chat this evening sponsored by StrongCoders. The chat starts at 8pm EST this evening, 16 February 2007.

CinCHouse Article

ArmyAdvice and Christie and Ryan were mentioned in an article on deployments by Allison of CinCHouse, an online community for military wives and women in uniform. It's a good writeup about how technology can help ease the pain of deployments, especially the fear that comes from not knowing. I'd like to add that I'm still […]

Resignation Letter Template Posted

A lot of officers are looking for information on how to resign, and unfortunately the Army doesn't make this easy to find (I can't imagine why…). Thus, I've posted my resignation letter (sanitized) for download in the downloads section of I also want to make sure people have a reasonable expectation of the timetable […]

Need Work – Cure Cancer

Fellow RD Stephen Forte is hiring for a project that promises to help accelerate a cure for cancer. The work will be performed remotely using the latest Microsoft tools and technologies. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please read his complete requirements and get in touch with Stephen.

Murach SQL Server 2005 For Developers

Recently I picked up a copy of Murach's SQL Server 2005 For Developers, and while I haven’t had a chance to really read it through cover to cover, I have read the first few chapters and skimmed the rest. It’s a meaty book, and is actually not a first edition as the name might imply […]