Vista, DotNet3 Available

Just announced: Today Microsoft achieved another significant Vista milestone: the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista Business and Enterprise Editions are now available to business and enterprise customers in English. This is exactly one week after the signing off on the RTM bits. The German and Japanese versions of Vista will go out tomorrow, […]

AssemblyBinding in Web Config and XMLNS

Ran into this (again, I think) today while setting up some assembly binding between Telerik and PeterBlum controls in my LakeQuincy web site. The short version is that the presence of an xmlns= in your <configuration> node of web.config will prevent ASP.NET 2.0 from reading any assemblyBinding tag. So if you have something like this: […]

Speaking in Arizona in March 2007

I’ll be speaking at the Arizona .NET user group on 7 March 2007 about Caching and Performance. More information here. The session’s description is: This session focuses on fundamentals of performance and scalability design, testing, and optimization, with an emphasis on distributed architectures and data driven applications. The special case of caching will be given […]

DevConnections Keynotes

Scott Guthrie’s keynote this morning covered a few ASP.NET AJAX features. It was impressive to see how quickly he was able to move around during his demo and literally create the sample applications from scratch. He also showed some screenshots of the upcoming Expresion Suite, which looks sweet (pun intended) and, more importantly, will have […]

SqlDependency Issue Resolved

I’m doublechecking my demos for my sessions at DevConnections this week and I think I finally fixed an issue that has plagued me off and on for the last year or more when I’ve been demonstrating the new SQL 2005 SqlDependency features. It seems like almost half the time, the notifications don’t work when it’s […]

Excel Pivot Chart from Reporting Services Video

Last week I wrote about some fun I was having with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts in Excel. Well, yesterday I got around to recording a screencast video of how to create Pivot Chart reports using Reporting Services, Excel, and SoftArtisans Officewriter. You can view it here: Using Reporting Services to Create Excel Pivot Chart […]

CSModules Added

I’ve added the MetaBlogExtender and ShareIt modules from ScottW’sCSModules pack. Let me know if you have any other requests for modules or add-ons and if you have any problems with this one. [categories:CS, MetaBlog]