Excel, Pivot Tables, and OfficeWriter

I’ve been playing around with trying to analyze some performance data that spans numerous periods over time as well as multiple channels. Using SQL I’m able to get some results that look something like this: Channel | Period | ActivityA | 1/2006 | 1342B | 1/2006 | 3433A | 2/2006 | 1543B | 2/2006 | […]

ReportViewer Showing No Data – Solved

I had a really weird issue with a ReportViewer. It would show the little green AJAX Loading… image but it wouldn’t show any data, just a blue background where the output should be. I knew the data was there because exporting to Excel or PDF showed the data just fine. So I eventually tried it […]

Modify Contents of SortedDictionary or Dictionary in foreach

So I’m working with a Dictionary (and later a SortedDictionary) today and I want a simple list of URLs and their HTTP status codes, so I create the dictionary as Dictionary<string,int> urlStatuses. Then I write some code that looks like this: foreach(string url in urlStatuses){ urlStatuses[url] = GetStatus(url);} Of course this doesn’t work, because you […]

MVPs and Losing or Keeping One's MVPness

Frans Bouma weighed in on the recent discussion revolving around several prominent .NET developer types who did not receive MS MVP awards for this year (awards were given October 1st). If the Microsoft MVP program, or this recent discussion, interests you, you should really read Frans' post. I couldn't have said it better myself.

No More DLL Hell – the song

Dan Wahlin, an ASP.NET and XML guru and friend of min, just released a song called No More DLL Hell which you can download as an MP3 and listen to. If you’ve had any experience in the COM world, you’ll appreciate this song. You’ll find the lyrics and download here.

New Army Slogan

Army Times wrote last week that the Army is going away from the awful "Army of One" slogan. The new slogan is still top secret, apparently, but we should see it all over when the media blitz commences in a few weeks. Personally I'm a fan of "Lead the Way". If they go with that, […]