Expression Web Designer Is Here

CTP 1 of Expression Web Designer is now available for download. Please see the announcement from Devindra Chainani, Group Program Manager, Expression Web Designer, for more details and download links. Expression Web Designer is a new Microsoft tool for creating professional looking web sites which is compatible with ASP.NET.

Code Query Language you ever wanted to run some metrics on your code base, to try and gauge its quality or to try and find bad practices? There are some tools out there for such static analysis, such as FxCop and the built in tools in VSTS, as well as SSW’s regular expression based Code Auditor Tool. […]

Practical .NET2 and C#2

I recently had the opportunity to skim-read Practical .NET2 and C#2 by Microsoft MVP Patrick Smacchia. You’ll find the book’s table of contents and examples online at its website (linked from title), along with an impressive list of testimonials. I would have to agree with what many other reviewers have noted – this is a […]

Assembly Hijacking Video

RockyH has a great little video walkthrough called Assembly Hijacking showing how a bad guy can use a combination of SQL Injection and lack of strong named assemblies to do bad things to an e-commerce website. Definitely worth watching and remembering.

Beginning AJAX Book – Tech Edit Complete

As of today I’m officially done tech editing Beginning AJAX, a book coming soon from Wiley publishing. Amazon has a page for the book (pre-production) here. The book includes information on writing your own AJAX framework, using several existing free AJAX libraries, and working with Microsoft’s ATLAS framework. It still has a few more steps […]

PromptSQL – RedGate SQL Prompt

I love Red Gate Software. Their tools rock. If you use SQL Databases, I highly recommend them. I just saw that they recently bought Prompt SQL and will soon be releasing it as SQL Prompt. You can download the SQL Prompt beta if you like. What is it? Basically it provides Intellisense in Query Analyzer, […]

Kent Ohio

I live in Kent, Ohio, which is a pretty small community in northeast Ohio, about 20 minutes east of Akron or 45 minutes south of Cleveland. It’s known to many as home to Kent State University (yes, that Kent State, which depending on whom you ask might be “the place where those students got shot […]