December Updates to Microsoft ATLAS

NikhilK has a lot of good information about changes that have been made in the direction of Microsoft Atlas, an AJAX-like technology that will enable richer user experiences with ASP.NET 2.x applications. If you’re doing anything with AJAX or Atlas, check it out.

NUnitASP to Find Broken Links

I’m considering having my web-page tests, currently implemented using NUnitASP and some Cassini-implants, test for broken links (prompted by someone reporting one from one of my sites). I haven’t gone any further than to have the idea that this might be a good idea, so I’m wondering if anybody has done it and would care […]

One Year Ago Today…

I was sitting out at the retrans camp for our base in central Iraq, north of Baghdad. This year, I’m sitting in my office in Ohio, having spent most of the last year back home re-normalizing. I have a few pictures with the date 12/19/04 on them of the retrans site that I’ve been looking […]

Shipping from Fog Creek Software

Joel writes about his experience shipping many, many DVDs: How to Ship Anything. An interesting read, especially since this is the time of year that ASPAlliance sends out a few hundred items to friends and contributors for the holidays. Thankfully, we’re not in the business of shipping anything year-round, so we shouldn’t need all of […]

Disk Output Cache

DmitryR writes about an implementation of using Output Cache to Disk (instead of memory) via an HttpModule. Definitely an interesting topic (and a similar feature was in v2 through beta2 but ended up getting cut) and one that could be useful in certain scenarios, especially to avoid the dreaded “application-restarting-and-maxing-out-resources-filling-data-caches” effect that happens when many […]

Test Page is Valid XHTML using NUnit’m wrapping up some tests of AspAlliance Cache Manager (no URL yet) and wanted to ensure that my output was valid XHTML. So I did some googling and found this thread which led me to create this technique in my unit test: private bool IsUrlValidXhtml(string url) { System.Xml.XmlTextReader reader = new System.Xml.XmlTextReader(url); reader.Normalization = true; […]

Cache Manager Almost Ready

I’m almost done with my Cache Manager application, which is modeled after ELMAH and uses an HttpHandler model to add cache management functionality to any ASP.NET application. At the moment it’s built using VS 2005 and v2 of the framework, but doesn’t really use any 2.0 functionality (except for .resx files, which are AWESOME for […]