Register Controls via Web.Config

I had a conversation with ScottW about this about a year ago (almost exactly, from Iraq, no less), and yet I still keep forgetting this technique every time I need it. So I’m blogging it myself this time just to try to keep it in my (online) memory bank. NOTE TO SELF: IF YOU WANT […]

Two Kinds of Writing

If you don’t know me, just click here. If you do know me, you should read this interesting article (ok, blog entry) by Seth Godin, marketing guru, about why we are overly verbose when we’re trying to get information across to strangers, but typically too curt when we’re seeking to win over our friends and […]

Looking for ConfigurationManager?

In .NET 2.0 there is a new configuration class called ConfigurationManager. It supercedes the ConfigurationSettings class that most .NET developers are familiar with today. When you create a website in VS2005 the ConfigurationManager class should be available because by default the necessary reference is included in the website’s compile settings. However, other types of projects […]

Working on Caching Presentation

I’m working on my caching presentation for Fall ASP.NET Connections and a few user group presentations. Those few who read my blog can enjoy some early looks at my research, which I’ll detail here for my own future reference (and yours!). First of all I only recently found a great article on Query Notifications in […]

Went to Drive-In Movies Last Night

I guess there aren’t very many drive-in movie theaters in the country (or world) any more, so this is almost newsworthy. We saw Madagascar and Sky High. Madagascar was entertaining but not as good as I was expecting from the previews. The penguins were great, though. We almost lost our local drive-in, Midway Twin Drive-In, […]