VSTSOffSite Opportunity

Ok, so I just finished a 3-day Ascend class on VSTS and one thing I’m disappointed by is the fact that I most likely won’t be able to use VSTS to replace SourceGear Vault immediately, since I collaborate with developers over the Internet all over the world, and VSTS does a lot of stuff via […]

Visual Studio Team System Class Notes

I’m taking a VSTS class this week at Microsoft in Columbus, Ohio. The course is being taught by Chris Menegay, a Microsoft Regional Director and principal consultant with Notion Solutions, Inc. Chris developed the course material and works closely with the VSTS team, and seems to really know VSTS. I took some notes today but […]

House For Sale!

If anybody is looking to buy a two story 3 bedroom home in Kent, Ohio in the next sixty days or so, please let me know. We’ve been getting ready to move since about 18 months ago, with my deployment to Iraq putting a significant wrinkle in our plans, but the house went on the […]

Preventing Duplicate Record Insertion on Page Refresh

Terri Morton has a new article this week on preventing duplicate records from being inserted when a user refreshes a page that does a form POST. Here’s the abstract: A common concern of ASP.NET developers is, “How do I prevent previously submitted form data from being reinserted into the database when the user presses the […]

Scott Guthrie announces future plans for async callback story (AJAX-style stuff)

Scott writes: What we’ve set out to do is to make it dramatically easier for anyone to build AJAX-style web applications that deliver rich, interactive, and personalized experiences. Developers should be able to build these applications without great expertise in client scripting; they should be able to integrate their browser UI seamlessly with the rest […]

Military Blogging Guidance

Some recent info on soldier blogging: Military Blogging Rules Report: Gen. Advises Soldiers on Personal Sites Original Memo (pdf) Short version: 1) Don’t say stuff you shouldn’t. 2) Notify your chain of command that you have a personal website

Book Review – Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit

I recently finished reading Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit. It’s a good overview of unit testing and I picked up a few things from it. I’ve previously read several of the books referenced in this one, including Kent Beck’s XP book (Extreme Programming Explained). I also have Pragmatic Version Control, which I haven’t […]

Visual Studio 2005 DevCon – Detroit, Michigan

If you’re in the greater Detroit area, and aren’t doing anything more interesting this Thursday (June 16th), I strongly recommend attending the Visual Studio 2005 DevCon being put on by Microsoft and including a bunch of local subject matter experts. I’ll be giving the first session in the ASP.NET track, What’s New in ASP.NET 2.0. […]

ASP.NET Podcasting

I’ve been talking to Wally McClure and a few others about doing some ASP.NET podcasting.  I’m totally new to the technical details of publishing a podcast, but Wally and others mostly have that end covered.  Wally just added a new ‘episode’ (if that’s the right term) which you’ll find here.