Zarqawi wounded (according to al Qaeda)

Reuters — “Al Qaeda’s group in Iraq said today (Tuesday) its leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had been wounded and urged Muslims to pray for him, according to a Web posting.” Yes, Muslims should pray for him. Pray for him to stop killing them. Read more on Yahoo.

Free Beer at Microsoft in Atlanta this Friday!

Kirk Allen Evans reports: This Friday (May 20th) come to the Microsoft Alpharetta office for the .NET Experience Expo! This is a free event where you can come hear all about some of the hottest topics for developers and architects. This is a huge opportunity to learn more about what Microsoft is doing for developers […]

Custom Cache Dependencies

I’m looking to write a custom cache dependency but I’m having a very hard time thinking of a useful one that doesn’t involve a database (SqlCacheDependency is already taken, and I don’t know any other database system well enough to attempt to duplicate the SqlCacheDependency). If anybody has any ideas for CacheDependencies they’d like to […]

Caching: Automatically Renew Stale Items

I’m working on a new library for Caching that has been an interest of mine for some time, but which I only took the time to implement last week (on the plane home from Charleston). Basically the problem is that for many of the things that are ideal candidates for caching, it would be nice […]

May 12th GC.NUG Meeting

Last Thursday I spoke to the GC.NUG group in Charleston. Charleston seems like a really nice place, and I’d like to visit there again some time when I have more time to look around. I’ve always liked South Carolina ever since my first experience there coming from Army basic training in Ft Sill (not fun) […]