Spec Writing

I’m taking all my paper notes that I’ve accumulated over the last year (or two) on what the next version of my Internet advertisement server application will look like, and putting them into an electronic specification document. Not wanting to start from scratch, I did a bit of Googling to see what the latest and […]

More Updates To AspAlliance

Last week I built some RSS consuming pieces for AspAlliance.com. I decided late in the week that I wanted to go ahead and add a listing of blog entries made by any AspAlliance Author, but although I had all the code to merge the many RSS feeds, I didn’t have a handy way to do […]

Just Set Up 3 More Bloggers

The ArmyAdvice community is continuing to grow. Please tell your military friends about us if you know of others who would benefit from blogs of their own. I just set up three more bloggers tonight. Also, we will be adding forums some time in the near future, hopefully by the end of March. At that […]

Merging Multiple RSS Feeds

I’ve been working on a feature for the AspAlliance.com home page that would show some news and articles from a variety of sources in a single listing. So for the last day or two I’ve been building a couple of classes and methods and unit tests, etc. to handle the combining of multiple RSS feeds. […]