Black Scorpions

Things are going fine here. Getting settled in, have everybody here now that’s not on leave. Was out talking to my commander and the other LTs in the company tonight and when we got up to leave (after dark) we picked up our helmets and one of the other guys got stung by a black […]

New Home

Moved to a new home a few days ago. On the trip here our convoy was hit by a roadside bomb, injuring two of my fellow soldiers. Both will return to duty soon, though, as neither was very serious. It was a wake-up call, though, and for me it was the closest encounter with enemy […]

Central Perk, Iraqi Style

A few weeks ago a new building completed construction at FOB Caldwell. The Hickory Cafe (30th BCT’s tagline is “Old Hickory”) provides a Starbucksesque atmosphere and serves a few flavors of coffee that the chow hall doesn’t. I guess it’s run by a guy who runs a few coffee shops back in the US, and […]

Making DataReaders Less Evil

I admit it, I’ve never been a big fan of the DataReader. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, I’m a big fan of caching, and DataReaders cannot be cached. Thus, even if they are, say, 2x as fast as a DataTable the first time, the cached DataTable is 10x faster whenever it’s read […]

Awesome Rock Band (local to northeast Ohio)

An awesome rock band for anybody interested in such things is Redshift. Their song Infamy got a ton of play time on local stations back a couple of years ago (about a year after 9/11). At the time I really liked it because I could relate to it from my army experience and the whole […]

New Domain, More Bloggers

I’ve registered and mapped my domain to it. If you’re just interested in me, you’ll want to go to The main url at will show posts from a growing number of army bloggers. I’ve set up three this weekend; guys in my platoon or whom I’ve met since getting called up. […]

Mail Call and WebSite Info

For those wondering how long mail takes, I got 2 letters and 2 packages today (9/10), 3 of which were sent on 8/26 and one on 8/28. So 13-15 days. I had some time today to play around a bit with the look my section of the site (click here if you’re on the home […]