Credit Cards and Phone Cards

Some more FYI info for anybody getting called up… There are ATM machines as far as Kuwait, but none in Iraq that I’ve seen. For cash, you need to go to Finance and either cash a check or get a draw from your pay. Nobody in Iraq takes credit cards that I’ve seen. On the […]

Hot and Getting Hotter

The forecast for the next 30 days is a daily low of 95 and highs in the 130s. Going to be the hottest part of the year. It doesn’t really feel as hot now as it did when I first got in-country, but that’s just because I’m acclimated, I think.

Fun in the Sun

It’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance to post. Blew some stuff up today (yay!). I’ve been out on a few more missions in the meantime including one a couple of days ago that involved a decent amount of ordnance being destroyed. I got a decent little movie of it on my […]

USA Today Seeking IRR Soldiers for Interviews

Donna Leinwand contacted me yesterday about doing an interiew via email for USA Today, and asked if I would put her contact information on my website so that other IRR soldiers might contact her. I need to coordinate with Public Affairs before I agree to do an interview, and I recommend that any of you […]

Pentagon Still Resists Increases in Army Active Duty Roster

ArmyTimes reports Increase in troop strength could hamper modernization efforts. Quote:Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker renewed the Pentagon argument that the military can get through the current high level of deployments with temporary increases such as mobilizing more National Guard and Reserve forces and encouraging more soldiers to re-enlist at the end of their duty. Hmm, […]

First Offbase Contact with Iraqis

Well, I got my first experience with the locals today when we did a drive through a village area today. I was in the back of an APC in a small convoy; basically we were just patrolling and trying to find out what was in the area. One take-away I have is that the folks […]

First Day Of Real Work

Today was my first mission outside the base camp. I’m serving as a platoon leader for a combat engineer line platoon. There’s actually a PL already here whom I’m shadowing until he leaves in a few weeks to become XO of another company. That’s good because it means I can ease into things. Chris is […]

A few more useful items

1. FRS Radio and/or GPS. The Rino 120 works as both but chews through batteries. The radios can be useful for non-tactical usage on bases.2. Name tapes – you’ll want some extra ones of these for your bags, IBV (bulletproof vest), boonie hats, trousers (a lot of folks put them above the back pocket), etc. […]

Update from Caldwell

I found out yesterday that I’ll be a line platoon leader, something I did back at C/112 in Columbus in Ohio, so I’m pretty comfortable with that. I’m actually excess at the moment, shadowing the current PL of the platoon, until he takes on an XO position in September. Which works out great since it […]