I managed to find a place to use the Internet at the Education Center on post. I’ll try to post something every few days while I’m here. I know several other LT’s and a great many more enlisted soldiers are being called up from the IRR, so I thought I’d use this opportunity to share […]

Arrived at Fort Leonard Wood

Michelle, Ilyana, and I got to St. Louis Friday night and drove the rest of the way to Ft. Leonard Wood on Saturday (May 22). We got in around 1300, met up with a sergeant I was supposed to call who took us to where I’ll be staying while I’m here. I posted a few […]

More IRR Callup Info

Michelle writes a bit about the current, supposedly not involuntary, callup, here. An interesting set of comments can be found on OutsideTheBeltway. One quote includes:They are utilizing the IRR in three phases.Phase I 1-17 May IRR soldiers are asked to join a drilling unitPhase II 17May-1June Soldiers are involintarily transfered to UnitsPhase III 1 Jun-TBD […]

Last Minute Business

Things have been getting increasingly stressful at the Smith house of late. This week we’re getting ready to close on a house we’re buying (closing tomorrow) with the intent of moving in once I return. We were planning on buying it in a year, but since interest rates are so low now and since my […]

Update – One Week To Go

My Garmin Rino 120 GPS/Radio arrived yesterday. It works. Out-of-the-box it shows the major roads in Kent, OH, but none of the city streets (just state routes). I guess you can order maps on CDs but I haven’t figured that part out yet. It supports Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) which is most important to […]

Massive Reserve Callup

I got a memorandum yesterday from a local career counselor sergeant that had some very interesting news in it: “This office has received official notification that all current members of the IRR will be involuntarily transferred to a troop program unit. First priority will be to transfer soldiers to mobilizing units. Second priority will be […]

Back In Uniform

So, we got my uniforms out of storage last week and so today I finally went through the bins and found my old uniforms. Tried one on, and amazingly enough, it still fits! They do seem to have shrunk a bit in storage, though… Most of them are pretty worn, so I’ll probably need to […]

Two Weeks To Go

This has been a pretty busy week. I had meant to get a bunch of dev work done on, but that didn’t happen. We spent wednesday getting a bunch of stuff out of storage, including all of my army gear. Hopefully I have most of what I’ll need. I still have to find my […]

Micro Caching Article Published

Those of you interested in caching should read my article on AspAlliance about what I’ve termed micro-caching. Basically, the idea is that even a very short-term cache can make a big difference in site performance for a high-volume application or resource. I’d known about this in theory for some time, but I finally demo’d it […]

Laptops and School News

I spoke to a Captain in Leonardwood yesterday at the Training Support Battalion (TSB) where I”ll be for my stay there. She was able to answer a few of my questions. I’m welcome to bring a laptop to FLW but she has no idea where I’ll be billeting or whether I’ll have the ability to […]