Properties? Universally good or not?

jaybaz_MS writes about Properties? Not my bag baby and makes some excellent points. I’m at a public connection right now so I don’t have time to take up his challenge of writing a generic cached property class, but perhaps when I have some time at home I will (and this post will remind me).

Current Concerns

Ok, so it’s been three days since we learned that I’m being activated. What have we been up to? Well, one of our biggest concerns has been that I’ll end up some place dangerous without the proper equipment. Many soldiers, especially reservists, appear to be getting the shaft when it comes to proper gear, prompting […]

So It Begins…

This is my first post to this blog, which I’ve just set up. I’m going to try and maintain it while I go through my deployment, but of course there will be times when I’m not able to access the Internet. I’ve set up my wife, Michelle, with a blog here as well, and she’ll […]

Duty Calls…

Upon returning from a fun Connections conference in Orlando last week, followed by a couple of days at Disney with my wife and daughter, I learned that I am being called up from my current reserve status to active duty in the US Army. My orders require that I report to Ft. Leonard-Wood, Missouri on […]

ASP.NET Connections Pictures

I’m at ASP.NET Connections in Orlando this week, promoting DevAdvice with my wife Michelle, our daughter Ilyana, and David Gottlieb, who has been doing a lot of dev work for the site. I’ve uploaded the first couple of days’ pictures to a gallery here. Update: David Gottlieb has some more pictures here. I’ll be adding […]

ASP.NET Feature Request

If you’re not aware, a great feature coming in ASP.NET 2.0 allows user profile data to be stored based on a simple config section, with strong typing and design time Intellisense. Thus, you can modify the pieces of information you wish to store about a user, and immediately get Intellisense, strong typing, etc. However, the […]

More Breaking Changes for Whidbey – Personalization/Profile

Personalization as a keyword/namespace has been replaced with Profile. The namespace, the config section, etc. Also, the provider model for personalization has changed between the PDC Whidbey and the March04Preview Whidbey, such that now providers must inherit from System.Web.Profile.ProfileProvider, rather than implementing a couple of (now non-existent) interfaces. An example config section using the new […]