Got ASP.NET Email Questions?

Dave Wanta, who also sells the great email component AspNetEmail, has created a great resource for learning about and troubleshooting (and there’s often trouble to shoot) sending emails using System.Web.Mail (aka CDONTS). This resource is aptly named

Speaking in Redmond about Whidbey

Carl Prothman invited me to speak at the .NET Devleopers Association meeting in April next week about Whidbey features. Hopefully I’ll have all of my demos working with the new March04 Preview build that just came available last week. Full details of the meeting, which takes place the week of the MVP summit in the […]

Avoiding the Global Assembly Cache

Chris Sells writes about reasons why we should avoid using the Global Assembly Cache, or GAC (pronounced “gack!”). I have to say that I definitely agree with his sentiments. Ted Neward disagrees with some points here. One counter-argument Ted makes against Chris’ original statement is this: First and foremost, I’ve never heard of the idea […]

More Breaking Changes in ASP.NET (March 2004 Preview Build)

Found some more breaking changes: System.Web.Personalization no longer exists. I believe it’s been renamed to System.Web.Profile but I haven’t 100% confirmed this yet. System.Configuration.Settings no longer exists. I can’t find its replacement. I’m looking for where IProvider and ISettingsProvider are defined now. I can’t find these either, so I’m thinking they may no longer exist. […]

VS 2005 Breaking Changes (from PDC Bits)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve just installed VS 2005 and am now ready to start reporting on it. Some folks like Rick have reported stability issues with this build but I haven’t had any such problems thus far, and it is working much better than an interim build I had installed about […]

Deloittes AdServe

I’ve been looking for some ad serving software for DevAdvice this year, and the best one around for purchase that I’ve found is deloittes.NET AdServe. I have their full-source license, which comes with VB and has thus far been pretty easy to customize with a few of my own requirements. I was really impressed with […]

Mounting ISO Images as Drives

I tried using Isobuster to extract the ISO of the VS2005 DVD image that I just downloaded off of MSDN but after burning it, I got a “Please insert VS Disk 1” midway through the install (I don’t know if that was user error, an Isobuster issue, or a DVD-burning issue — probly user error). […]

Going to TechEd

I registered for TechEd today, so I’m definitely going. I’m staying at the Holiday Inn Harbor View from Sunday night through Thursday night and leaving Friday. I haven’t booked a flight yet. I’m not speaking this time around but I’ll probably do some Ask The Experts, Birds of a Feather, or other breakout session(s). Hope […]