Vault Thoughts

Xander Sherry has a new blog and is wondering why people like Vault. Here’s my $.03. 1) It’s all .NET. I know that shouldn’t really matter to me as long as it does what it says it does, but i like that. 2) It’s DB-based, so it won’t get corrupted or have issues with file […]

I love InfoPath, but it doesn't use .NET… until now

Check it out — the InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for VS.NET was released a few days ago. My biggest gripe about InfoPath is that it relies on VBScript/JavaScript and ADO for its customization (e.g. anything outside the norm you want it to do). Well, according to the download page, the new toolkit: provides integration features and […]

Outlook 2003 Calendar Living In The Past

There’s probably a way to fix this – I’m hoping someone will tell me. I have Outlook 2003.  I have the calendar set up to default to Month view.  However, it seems to always want to show me a lot of stuff in the past.  It might just be that it is showing me the whole […]

Latest TDD Tool in the NFoo series: NCover

Everybody’s talking about it, it seems (Jonathan Cogley, Jeff Key, hey, that’s everybody, right?). NCover (GDN, SF) is a new tool that analyzes source code and unit tests to provide information about test coverage — that is, how much of your code is actually being tested by your tests. One nice feature it supports already […]

ASP.NET Resource Kit Available

Download the ASP.NET Resource Kit and check it out. It’s 131MB (you can also order the CD, which I imagine will probably come with MSDN or something at some point). It’s only become available for download within the hour and I’m at 5% as I write this, so obviously I haven’t had time to really […]

Whidbey Overview Talk in South Bend Went Pretty Well

I spoke to about a dozen folks at the MADNUG user group this evening about Whidbey. Borrowing heavily from Scott Guthrie’s slide/demo pack that he has shown on several occasions, I did a ‘whirlwind tour’ of the new features that are coming. Some of the highlights included Master Pages, Authentication Controls, built-in portal features, GridView/DetailsView, […]

Speaking in Redmond April 5th

I’ll be speaking in Redmond on April 5th at the .NET Developers Association user group, on Microsoft campus. Thanks to Carl Prothman for organizing the event and inviting me. I’ll be in town for Microsoft’s MVP Summit, which should be a lot of fun. I’m speaking on Whidbey (ASP.NET/VS.NET v2) features, providing a ‘whirlwind tour’ […]

Auto-Updating Cache Entries

As I posted here, I’m interested in a feature of the ASP.NET Cache engine that isn’t there today, and it sounds like won’t be there in Whidbey. To wit, I’d like to be able to throw something in the cache and have it periodically update itself in an offline process, rather than simply expire and […]