Dundas Chart Review

I’ve posted a brief review of Dundas Chart 3.5 based on what I’ve used it for (no rocket science, but stuff that most of us probably could use for our apps, imho). You may read it here: http://aspalliance.com/stevesmith/articles/dundaschart35.asp  

FTC Offers Guidelines to Reduce SPAM

If you run any servers, even at home, you should probably read this and/or forward it on to anybody you know who manages servers.  As anybody with a clue can attest, SPAM is quickly clogging up not just our individual inboxes, but also the networks that make the Internet work.  Most of these messages are […]

InfoPath / XDocs

I’m learning more about InfoPath (formerly XDocs), and it seems like it’ll be a really cool addition to the Office toolset.  Has anybody had much of an opportunity to play with this using the beta?  What did you think?

RSS for Events

RSS = Real Simple Syndication, I learned recently.  I’ve been wanting to implement something similar for events (of the calendar variety) for some time.  There are several formats in use today to describe events, but none are as pervasive and as widely used as RSS is for blogging and articles. I have an event calendar […]

MS Passport – What are they thinking?

Note – this is a rant I’ve had for a long time, not a response to anything new.  You can learn more about Passport here and here.  To get right to the chase, here’s the part I think is ludicrous and detrimental to Passport ever getting any market share: There are two fees for licensing […]

Outlook 2003 Beta

Thought I’d blog about my experience thus far with the beta.  As I wrote in an earlier entry, I upgraded to Outlook 2003 Beta some weeks ago.  The results have been largely positive, but I do have a few complaints.  Here’s the rundown: Best Features: Junk Mail Support – It has yet to mis-classify a […]