What's an ASPInsider?

Some of you have heard of a new group, the ASPInsiders.  Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this group such as who are they, are they a replacement for (insert another group here), how do I get in, etc.  Thankfully, the group has created an FAQ to answer these exact questions.  You […]

ASP.NET Developer's Cookbook Released

My new book, the ASP.NET Developer’s Cookbook, is now available.  I just checked Amazon and it’s still just accepting pre-orders, but I know it’s done because I have a copy in my hands!  This book was written as a combined effort between myself, Rob Howard of the ASP.NET Team, and about 20 columnists from ASPAlliance.com.  It contains […]

Regular Expressions and ASP.NET Connections

I completed my Regular Expression Cheat sheet a couple of days ago, so that I can hand it out this week at my session on regular expressions at ASP.NET Connections in New Orleans. It’s intended to be printable (thus it’s not a complete reference – only the simple beginner stuff that fits on one page), […]