Caching and Callbacks

I gave my second presentation to a user group for INETA this evening (well, last evening – it’s late). I spoke to about 70 members of the Philadelphia .NET user group, Philly .NET, about ASP.NET Performance Tips and Tricks and the Caching support in ASP.NET. While I was discussing callbacks and the CacheItemRemovedCallback delegate that […]

Test Driven Development Article

Eric Gunnerson at Microsoft has published an article on Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (he calls it Test First Development). It does a good job of introdcuing the concept of TDD and showing how to use NUnit to perform unit testing of a class before and during its construction. Another good resource I’ve found […]

Windows Server 2003 Notes

I set up Win2K3 Server on a box at home a few days ago and here are some of the things I’ve learned. The first thing I’d like to point out is that there is a pretty good Unofficial FAQ maintained by Windows XP MVP Larry Samuels. The machine I installed on is a Dell […]

When is it OK to use a DataReader

I just responded to a discussion on this topic on the ASP.NET Forums… There is a good article on the actual performance characteristics of DataReaders vs. DataSets on MSDN here. In it, you will find that DataSets are not always slower than DataReaders, especially when there is any significant latency between the web server and […]